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Web site refresh and migration

· 2 min read
Tuomas Tonteri

Welcome to the refreshed elfGROUP web site.

We have been using HubSpot for the past few years as a CRM platform, marketing automation tool and a website hosting platform. Few months back we made the decision to transition to a more lightweight, customizable, performant and secure approach, which we are also hosting on our own elfCLOUD servers. The site is built with Docusaurus and allows us to do flexible and straightforward updates, focusing on the content quality.

As we go live today, not all of the content is yet migrated. We are not just copying the old content, but updating and improving it in many ways. Most essentially selected blogs, customer cases and references are yet to be migrated, which we hope to complete still in September.

One noticeable change is that we've dropped the Finnish version and a lot of the cyber security articles and pages that were more targeted to "B2B general public" audience, with perhaps less cyber security domain knowledge. We have come to realize, that our customer segment is very well informed on the subject matter and we want to direct all of our energy to providing accurate and to-the-point information that all of you deserve and expect from us.

Welcome to the new site and let us know if you have any thoughts or comments on the changes made and how can we further improve.

Circumstances considered, have a great remaining 2020 and stay safe.

Best regards, Tuomas.