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Autumn greetings 2021

· 4 min read
Tuomas Tonteri

Change is the only constant

Since our establishment in 2010 we operated under one limited company. At the beginning of 2020 we arranged the actual customer business under two new companies with the intention to clarify cyber security business and software development & server production business in their own entities. The new subsidiaries' first year brought with it several administrative and organizational renewals, the COVID-19 pandemic and the withdrawal of our biggest software development customer from Finnish subcontracting. This caused a major drop in our turnover and simultaneously the pandemic brought about caution and hesitation in our customers in terms of starting new projects. During 2020 we had to make several temporary lay-offs, which eventually led to a shortage in our staff and demanded major efforts from the remaining personnel in their areas of responsibilities.

However, we got over the most challenging times and we are building the new growth together. The biggest thanks falls to everybody contributing to elfGROUP functions — staff members, partners and of course our amazing customers! Luckily corona has stayed away from us and the industry itself manages just fine also by working remotely.

Cyber Security CUBE

We have continued the development of Cyber Security CUBE -product and -platform. Business Finland granted us funding to the project. Many significant functionalities for supporting information security testing, information security administration and software assurance were advanced in the project phase in 2020-2021. More about this soon (yes I know, a year ago I wrote that contents of the new website will be ready soon, and only now I am writing the next blog posting!).

Year 2021 came afterall

elfGROUP's second "corona year" has run smoothly but also with challenges.

In spring we participated in Cyber Security Executive 2021 -remote happening with our virtual booth. It was an interesting experience, but in my opinion the real exhibition with actual face-to-face encounters and conversations with people works better. We also took part in an internationalization project and among other things the negotiations around CUBE platform co-operation with German companies are ongoing.

Managing quality (ISO 9001) and information security (ISO 27001)

In May, the auditors of Bureau Veritas performed another periodic audit to elfGROUP corporate's ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications. We will continue in the midst and despite of all the changes to maintain quality management and information secure operations.


In spring we also started recruiting, skilled and experienced workers are really hard and challenging to find, and for some part the search continues. Reijo, who is widely experienced in security technology, came to strengthen our sales team and later in spring we got three great "aces" to the elfGROUP team when Sanna, Santeri and Salla came along. With these recruits we strengthened our skills in information security testing, quality management, administration and communications operations and our entire response readiness. And I must say these areas have proceeded well in many frontiers. Welcome to the elf gang and thanks for the trust!

Looking forward

Now we are in the situation, where our autumn's project calendar looks dazzlingly full with many versatile assignments. It is great and it tells us that companies of all sizes are putting effort to developing information security. I personally believe it also means that our chosen way to listen to our clients' needs and showing the strong skills in information security and carefully finished results in every interactive situations has been the right way for us. We are actively seeking for growth and searching for partners who share the same values in their operations.

After a short pause we decided to bring the Finnish website back and now we have published the entire site also in Finnish. When it comes to blogs we will most likely keep the hybrid model, and the content will be published with discretion in both languages.

Wishing you sunny autumn days!

Best regards, Tuomas.