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Cyber Security CUBE

Sometimes it's hard to get your head around something that isn't visible. Your company's security governance shouldn't be one of them. elfGROUP Cyber Security CUBE provides transparency in cyber security assurance, in and outside of the company.

Cyber Security CUBE is developed specifically for managing penetration testing and security audit projects. It helps you to provide more visibility into your information security work, not to mention convincing your customers of your continuous security efforts with visual reporting.

Visualize your security governance

Compliance with security policies can only be ensured through continuous communication and alignment. Cyber Security CUBE brings your organization's IT, security and software development teams to the same table, removing organizational barriers and providing transparency in communication — all in favor of more flexible information security work.

Administrators manage customer projects and can assign users to them. Users can be for example pentesters, auditors, developers or product owners. The project is managed through its life cycle phases until acceptance.

Cyber Security CUBE ensures the return of your cyber security investment through transparency in reporting. Security is everyone's responsibility!

Security management

Cyber Security CUBE supports natural workflow in pentesting and auditing projects. Auditors can document found vulnerabilities together with mitigation recommendations during testing engagements. Audit log entries are recorded as vulnerabilities are reported or marked fixed, and who has made the change.

Security reports

Cuber Security CUBE is used as the reporting database throughout products' lifetime. Product owners create projects, invite users and assign roles to them. The security summary report can be used for budgeting and detailed reports as evidence during audits. Awareness is improved through visibility.

Security first

Cyber Security CUBE is developed with the security first mentality. Access controls can be assigned to users on a project basis. All changes to data are logged. The framework relies on modern and reactive web technologies.

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