Software Security

Our primary focus in corporate cyber security assurance and information protection work is with software security. We help businesses ensure the quality of their software development activities, both in-house and outsourced, specifically from the information systems secure construction point of view. We perform current state maturity assessments covering all creation and production process activities constituting an information system’s lifecycle.

Cyber Security Professional Services

We help businesses assess, audit and develop their technical cyber security postures, defences and procedures. We assist companies to manage their cyber security requirements and to perform architecture security reviews and penetration testing. We work with the entire IT architecture stack and are committed to always operate in a vendor and product independent way.

Hacker Testing and Cyber Security Certification

Our testing services for ethical hacking helps identify the vulnerabilities of an information system or IT environment, and provides a public summary statement to support your communication activities, safely executed in a testing environment. We also provide hands-on cyber security certification with our CyberSafe certification model.

Secure Virtual Servers

elfCLOUD virtual servers are high assurance, data security focused environments designed for business-critical use. The servers are often used for performant company specific processing payloads, hosting online services and for credible redundant data storage. When needed, the server environments can be linked to other corporate resources through site-to-site VPN tunnels.


CyberSafe Certification

Businesses need a cost-effective and pragmatic solution to assess and prove the level of their cyber security posture. For a software company, this is often about proving their software product or platform is secure. Not all companies will benefit from or want to go through the rigorous processes of applying for, for example, the ISO 27000 security certification. elfGROUP CyberSafe certification has been developed for this very purpose. Show your customers and stakeholders that technical cyber security and the confidentiality of your customer’s information matters!

elfGROUP | Advantageous Cyber Security

elfGROUP designs, builds, verifies and assesses cyber security that backs your business. Our services ensure that your deployed cyber security solutions are on par with the requirements and properly measured to safeguard your business from the cyber risks it is facing. We guide you to identify and deploy the most fitting cyber security solutions and capabilities to manage the business cyber risks.