elfGROUP Cyber Security Services specializes in improving corporate cyber security assurance and in protecting the most important corporate asset – the information. Our services strengthen the brand of your company or software product and promote trustworthiness in your customer relationships.

elfGROUP | Advantageous Cyber Security.

Cyber Security

We introduce the most fitting solutions and capabilities for companies to manage their cyber security entity.

From cyber security surveys and penetration testing to consulting in cyber secure software development. 


Software and Infra

Comprehensive software projects and developing data management with solid experience. 

Cyber secure server environments customized and built to the customer requirements. 




Case FRENDS – Mission critical integration platform security testing

FRENDS is specifically built for customer data management and critical process automation, thus information security is naturally very important for the platform and customer implementations. HiQ Finland asked elfGROUP to test the cyber security of the FRENDS integration platform to get an outsider view of its security level and a CyberSafe certificate.


Case Startup Refugees – Cyber secure ways to employment for refugees

Startup Refugees is a non-profit voluntary network supporting refugees with employment and entrepreneurship. elfGROUP carried out a cyber security testing of the Match Made in Startup Refugees service, and significant system vulnerabilities that Futurice corrected promptly. Now Startup Refugees can search for employment opportunities for refugees in a cyber secure manner.


Case elfCLOUD – Secure cloud storage service

elfGROUP developed the elfCLOUD cloud storage service already in 2010. Cyber security was seen as the highest priority from the very first specifications in elfCLOUD’s development. “It was a cloud storage service with highly paranoid cyber security”, describes the inventor of the service, elfGROUP's CEO Tuomas Tonteri.


elfGROUP | Advantageous Cyber Security

elfGROUP designs, builds, verifies and assesses cyber security that backs your business. Our services ensure that your deployed cyber security solutions are on par with the requirements and properly measured to safeguard your business from the cyber risks it is facing. We guide you to identify and deploy the most fitting cyber security solutions and capabilities to manage the business cyber risks.