elfGROUP – Specialists in cyber security and software engineering

elfGROUP, based in northern Finland, is a cyber security and software engineering specialist company. We produce pragmatic cyber security services that are reasonably sized to your business’ needs, i.e. in assuring cyber security in software development and organization’s IT environments. elfGROUP’s software engineering specialists develop information systems with solid experience.

We specialize in improving corporate cyber security assurance and protecting the most important corporate asset – the information. Our services strengthen the brand of our customers or their software products and promote trustworthiness in their business engagements.

We help businesses assess, audit and develop their technical cyber security postures, defences and procedures. We assist organizations in managing and fulfilling their compliance and business driven cyber security requirements. We perform architecture security reviews, security and penetration testing and work with development teams on improving secure software development practices. We work with the entire IT architecture stack and are committed to always operate in a vendor and product independent way, making business supporting cyber security reality for everyone, in a both measurable and reportable fashion.

elfGROUP is an enterprise group, established in 2010. Administratively the group has been divided to separate companies that are independently responsible for operating and developing their business fields. All elfGROUP companies conform to mutual operational handbook and processes as well as quality and information security policies.


ISO 9001 Quality management certificate

Bureau Veritas ISO 9001 Certification

elfGROUP’s operations have been certified according to the internationally recognised quality management system ISO 9001:2015. Bureau Veritas has audited our operations and granted us the ISO 9001 certification on April 12th, 2019. 

The ISO 9001 standards provide guidance and tools for companies and organizations who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved. It is based on quality management principles, such as customer focus, process approach and fact-based decision making, to name a few.


ISO 27001 Information Security Management System certification

Bureau Veritas ISO 27001 Certification

elfGROUP’s operations have been certified according to the internationally recognised information security management system standard ISO 27001. Bureau Veritas has audited our operations and granted us the certification on July 3rd, 2019.

The ISO 27001 certification indicates that the organization has taken action to protect sensitive data and to fulfil legislative responsibilities, particularly emphasizing continuous improvement of the information security management processes.


Code from Finland

Code from FinlandelfGROUP is a member of the Code from Finland association.

The Code from Finland symbol makes it easier for people to find companies which develop software and software products in Finland. By choosing a company that has the Code from Finland symbol, you can trust that your service is being developed in Finland. You’ll have leading experts in their respective fields working with you.

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elfGROUP Cyber Security Services Ltd.

Business ID/VAT: FI31094425


E-invoicing Address: 003731094425

Broker ID: 003708599126 (Liaison)


PDF invoices via email: fennoa.FI.P.134956-2@docinbound.com

Invoicing address: elfGROUP Cyber Security Services Ltd, PO Box 66126, 01051 LASKUT, Finland


elfGROUP Software and Infra Ltd

Business ID/VAT: FI31093852


E-invoicing Address: 003731093852

Broker ID: 003708599126 (Liaison)


PDF invoices via email: fennoa.FI.P.135001-6@docinbound.com

Invoicing address: elfGROUP Software and Infra Ltd, PO Box 66183, 01051 LASKUT, Finland


elfGROUP Holding Ltd.

Business ID/VAT: 2354012-2


E-invoicing Address: 003723540122

Broker ID: 003708599126 (Liaison)


PDF invoices via email: fennoa.FI.P.111326-5@docinbound.com

Invoicing address: elfGROUP Holding Ltd, PO Box 51367, 01051 LASKUT, Finland