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elfGROUP designs, builds, verifies and assesses cyber security that backs your business. Our services ensure that your deployed cyber security solutions are on par with the requirements and properly measured to safeguard your business from the cyber risks it is facing. We guide you to identify and deploy the most fitting cyber security solutions and capabilities to manage the business cyber risks.


Cyber Security Professional Services 


Cyber security assessment and roadmap  planning


Compliance auditing (CyberSafe, GDPR, ISO, NIST)

Software Development Information Security


Hacker testing of IT systems and IT infrastructures
(Penetration testing, pen testing)

elfGROUP, Your Partner in Cyber Security

Typical activities in cyber security partnerships are architecture workshops, managing the information security requirements, elfATTACK hacker testing assignments and secure development training sessions held with architects and developers.

CyberSafe Certification CyberSafe Certification

CyberSafe certification serves as proof of adequate and properly implemented, systematically controlled and maintained protection against contemporary cybersecurity threats.

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Cloud Servers and PenTest Environments

elfCLOUD Virtual Servers

Designed for business use, tailored, cyber secure server environments. The physical servers are located in Oulu, Finland. Deployment configurations are quickly customized and built to the customer requirements. elfCLOUD Virtual Servers are competitively priced but provide continuous security maintenance and high availability.

PenTest Environments for Flexible Security Testing

elfCLOUD PenTest servers are a reasonable and cost-effective way to carry out regular IT system security verification, both during and after the development, supporting maintenance and infra operations throughout the information system lifecycle. The PenTest environments support elfGROUP’s software security and hacker testing services.

elfGROUP | Advantageous Cybersecurity.