What is Cyber Security?

Is cyber security the same as information security? Do cyber attacks and security risks affect both small and large businesses? Who should be protected from cyber or information security risks? What should I do when I notice that our company has been affected by a cyber attack?

Cyber security is security in the digital world

Maintaining solid cyber security posture for your business is basically about continuously identifying and understanding your digital business risks, assessing the magnitude and probability of these risks and choosing the level and depth of the protection. This work has to be systematic and continuous, so that the constantly changing cyber threat landscape and professional cyber crime affecting more and more companies can be prevented proactively and economically.

Cyber security requirements based on business needs

Cyber security threats concern companies of all sizes. However, the need for protective measures can be different for small and large companies. It is essential to evaluate the risks and estimate the appropriate cyber safety level, tools and methods of protection needed.

Cyber security by design is an effort towards making sure that

  1. company is able to fulfil its legal and contractual requirements
  2. company information assets remain confidential, both inside and outside the organization
  3. information contained in the repositories is unchanged and uncorrupted, integrity is retained
  4. data and information systems are available to legitimate users at any time, regardless of possible cyber interference
  5. transactions around the information assets are performed by authenticated users in a non-repudiable fashion

The subject area is vast and company-specific needs must be taken into consideration. Necessary improvements may be related to data security, the development of network security or, for example, personnel security training.

Protect your data and your business from cyber security threats

Anyone who has not been adequately protected against cyber security threats may be subjected to cybercrime. Cyber attacks can have significant impact on company business or its entire existence. Therefore, taking preventive actions to mitigate cyber risks in advance is strongly advisable.

If you suspect that you have been subjected to a cyber attack, contact your cyber-safety specialist immediately to identify and minimize the damage. For a single system, it is recommended that you disconnect the device from the data network, but do not unplug or restart the device unnecessarily.

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