Cyber secure server environments

Secure elfCLOUD Virtual Servers 

elfCLOUD is elfGROUP’s cloud platform service that is heavily focused on data security and the high level of privacy and protection of corporate information assets. Designed for business use, tailored, cyber secure server environments. The physical servers are located in Oulu, Finland and none of the information contained on the servers is transferred to other countries or to any thirdparties. The servers are often used for performant company specific processing payloads, hosting online services and for credible redundant data storage. To support the server deployments, we also provide the necessary e-mail, DNS, domain and SSL certificate management.
The penetration testing environments offered by elfGROUP are based on the same elfCLOUD server technology.


elfCLOUD servers – virtually in the cloud, physically in Finland

elfCLOUD Virtual Servers allow you to resize a flexible server environment in which the disk, memory, or CPU of a server can be increased and reduced as needed. Your company may need to set up a server for hosting, for example, remote storage, web services, CRM systems, home pages or blogs, a corporate chat service, or other processing tasks.

It is often not sensible for an organization to set up their own servers in the office space but to outsource the maintenance and management of server environments to knowledgeable hands.

With the elfCLOUD platform hosting needs can be met by creating a set-up consisting of one or more severs. We create a business-specific management and service network for your server environment, isolated from other networks. Our customer will have server maintenance rights as well as the necessary remote connections for managing the environment.

Deployment configurations are quickly customized and built to the customer requirements. elfCLOUD Virtual Servers are competitively priced and provide continuous security maintenance and high availability.


For Invenco and our customers, the comprehensive elfCLOUD platform including for example virtual private servers has provided better service level with competitive pricing.

Esa Ronkainen
COO, Invenco Ltd.


Cloud hosts resourced as needed:

  • Windows, Linux (CentOS, Debian / Ubuntu), OpenBSD virtual workstations and servers
  • Delivered either by public IP addresses or by a private internal network
  • Firewall, 24/7 monitoring, backup, technical support by agreement
  • Tailor-made implementations at a competitive price in server rooms located in Finland
  • Real performance through dedicated physical processor cores and SSDs
  • Network and server infrastructure management services, SSL certificates maintenance and secure configuration
  • E-mail, DNS and domain services



Interested to learn more

Interested to learn more?

In our blog series, we write about cybersecurity domain in general, our service and product offerings as well as show case some of our customer cases. The blog posts are categorized by service types.

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