elfSWEEP – Cyber Security Conformity Assessment

Companies or organizations must be able to ensure the cyber security of their IT environment or their individual systems. elfSWEEP is a cyber security scan, where the cyber security management system of the target organization, as well as the technical IT environment and its management model are evaluated according to the best field practices and / or the selected criterias. The service can be implemented either at an organization or at a system level, for example, to estimate an extranet service or an online store.


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When Security is Needed to Protect Your Valuable or Sensitive Information

elfSWEEP cyber security assessment is recommended for companies who need a more accurate information security threats and a security strategy, also for companies interested in developing their cyber security through a certification and the marketing value associated to it. elfSWEEP is designed to be the continuation of the elfSURVEY but can also be implemented based on similar output data.

There does not need to be a lot of information, but if it is valuable or sensitive, then its security must be ensured. It may be personal or business critical information.

Current State of Cyber Security and Identification of Vulnerabilities

elfSWEEP evaluates the cyber security status of a company’s IT environment from business requirements point of view. The assessment report includes the identified vulnerabilities that have been classified and the measures recommended to neutralize them. As a result of this evaluation, the organization understands the current state of its cyber security level and is able to start developing and maintaining the security of the target environment.

The customer gets a state of the art analysis of the company’s IT architecture and environment, applications, servers, and networks, as well as instructions on how to fix the cyber-security vulnerabilities.

After elfSWEEP evaluation, it is possible to apply for the elfGROUP CyberSafe Certification.

elfSWEEP cyber security assessment produces a detailed administrative and technical evaluation of the assessment site. A system-specific elfSWEEP complements the elfATTACK hacking testing with a deeper visibility into the technical server environment, information system architecture, server software configurations, and environmental management models.

The elfSWEEP assessments can be used as the basis of the evaluation work (ISO 27001, NIST, KATAKRI, VAHTI guidelines, CyberSafe, etc.).

Comprehensive, Hands-on Scan of the Target Environments

elfSWEEP cyber security assessment covers network segments, server networks, server environments, repositories, management networks, VPN connections, and remote connections. When evaluating the organization’s information system, identity and access control, user authorization, and integrity events are also taken into account. Also, emergency management and continuity planning are part of the elfSWEEP assessment. For server environments, server settings, maintenance connections, software updates, and security controls are evaluated.

elfSWEEP is a comprehensive assessment of cyber security, but it’s always pragmatic.

The elfSWEEP assessment data acquisition phase is carried out as a survey meeting with the customer either as a visit to the client premises or as an online meeting. Particularly at organizational level assessments, visiting the sites and server locations is often needed. Frequently, the documentation and technical information provide a good starting point for the assessment.

elfGROUP as Your Business Development Partner

elfGROUP’s cyber security specialists have extensive expertise in the development of information systems, integration and the protection of corporate IT environments. Also, they have solid experience in leading surveys, risk assessment and security design adaptation to meet the needs of different sized companies. In addition to the solution-oriented service attitude, our experts have decades of practical experience in different industries and technology environments.




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Interested to learn more?

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