Software Security

The primary focus of elfGROUP’s corporate cyber security assurance and information protection work is with software security. We help businesses ensure the quality of their software development activities, both in-house and outsourced, specifically from the information systems secure construction point of view.

We perform current state maturity assessments covering all creation and production process activities constituting an information system’s lifecycle. As cyber security and software engineering professionals, we work closely with the customer’s development teams with the aim of ensuring the correct operation of the target system, data integrity, availability and confidentiality. A correctly behaving information system is never a certain outcome of any development process, but requires continuous, systematic and hard work in design, development, deployment and maintenance phases.

Typical forms of collaboration are architecture workshops, software process maturity assessments, software security testing (hacker testing, penetration testing), modeling and documenting the target system’s security mechanisms. Based on the results of the security verification activities, a public summary statement and CyberSafe certification may be granted to support the customer’s external stakeholder communication activities.

Our guiding principles:

  • Security-secure solutions are for everyone,  comprehendable for all.
  • The protection mechanisms are implemented as an onion pattern through all the architectural layers.
  • The goal is to protect and secure business, not to complicate it.
  • A cyber-safe organization works competitively and grows safely.

The expert services for secure software development and cyber security have been used, for example:

  • to implement complete privacy or security critical software projects
  • for reviewing information system architectures in the form of a document or a workshop-type review
  • workshops at the design stage of a new application to ensure security issues are taken into account right from the start
  • security reviews at the milestone stages of a software project
  • evaluation of the software produced by the subcontractor or other supplier
  • tailor-made data secure software development trainings in a customer-specific area


Interested to learn more

Interested to learn more?

In our blog series, we write about cybersecurity domain in general, our service and product offerings as well as show case some of our customer cases. The blog posts are categorized by service types.

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