Software engineering and IT infrastructure services

elfGROUP’s software engineering specialists develop information systems with solid experience. The cyber security aspect is the common thread in all of our specialists’ work, including the software engineering and IT infrastructure related services.

Secure software development

Secure development in software creation and maintenance

elfGROUP's software engineering and secure development specialists design and develop information systems that meet our customers' business needs. Project scale in the software engineering engagements can vary from a single application's module or other logical part to vast distributed information systems.

In software projects we work with a variety of different technologies, platforms and frameworks to create comprehensive, functional and secure software solutions. In all information system development efforts the security thinking begins with ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the handled information. Additionally, in distributed systems,  managing the integrity and reliability of the interfaces between the system's components and data warehouses becomes of elevated importance.

We follow the secure software development lifecycle model, making sure that the customer organization's information security targets are taken into account starting from the project's requirements gathering phase all the way until production time operations, equally importantly not forgetting the system's teardown time when the information system will be decommissioned and the data assets appropriately managed. While assessing risks and modelling threats as part of the software creation projects, our specialists take into account also the IT infrastructure and server environments to build secure solutions throughout. Software engineering projects are an excellent vehicle to seamlessly support organization's prevalent aim to further develop their quality management or information security governance capabilities for example with regard to improving incident management and auditability of the information system's usage.

Besides delivering entire software projects, elfGROUP can also provide secure development professionals to join our customers' existing development teams. Such professional could be a cyber security oriented software architect, developer or a quality engineer. While contributing as a project team member, our cyber security professionals can bring security oriented mode of working for the rest of the team as well.



Data management

Developing corporate IS landscape and IT infrastructure with data management

Modeling, rationalizing and properly implementing any corporation's information system landscape, its inherent data architecture and data management lifecycle functions is crucial in developing the organization's data management capabilities and organization level compliancy.

As organization’s processes, information systems and technologies change and evolve over time, their compatibility can become brittle. Overlapping systems that don’t communicate with each other cause excess work and inefficiencies for the organization and cause their data to be fragmented and laborious to maintain. An evolving IT architecture typically consists of cloud based and on-premise solutions that would benefit from effortless interoperability while ensuring that corporate security targets are not neglected. Organizations often have regulatory, contractual or standards based obligations that guide their operations. These obligations must be consistently understood and catered for in the IT environment governance and data asset management activities.

Key challenges in data management and information security management are comprehensively modeling and documenting the entire corporate data processing environment. The environment will need quantifiable metrics that have to be diligently defined and implemented into reportable and visualizable form. The IS landscape is continuously becoming more complicated forcing all of us to follow controlled and systematic IT management procedures and operations models.

Our specialists conduct IS landscape and data management assessments and provide you with an outsider outlook on your information systems structure, overall cyber security posture included, and help rationalizing it through IS and data management development efforts.



Secure server platforms

Secure server platforms and operations

Customized hosted server platforms in a secure and flexible manner. Virtually in the cloud, physically in Finland.

The elfCLOUD server platforms can be tailored according to the customer's requirements. Multiple servers can be attached to a securely isolated management network. elfCLOUD servers are suitable for many types of workloads, varying from compute and/or storage intensive applications, delivered secure and performant.



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case elfCLOUD

Case elfCLOUD - Secure cloud storage service

elfGROUP developed the elfCLOUD cloud storage service already in 2010. Cyber security was seen as the highest priority from the very first specifications in elfCLOUD’s development. “It was a cloud storage service with highly paranoid cyber security”, describes the inventor of the service, elfGROUP's CEO Tuomas Tonteri.

The significance of cyber security in software development

The significance of cyber security in software development

Organizations offering digital products and services have realized, increasingly, that cyber security is a remarkable part of their quality, value proposition and risk management. The code they have written to create their service plays an essential role at these organizations, and it is used for distinctiveness at the market and to create specific value for their customers.