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elfGROUP’s experienced group of software architects and software developers help you with building secure  information systems either as a comprehensive project delivery or as part of your development team. The cyber security aspect is the common thread in all of our specialists’ work, including the software engineering and IT infrastructure related services.

We recommend to launch the software development cooperation with a week long specification project. During the specification project the contents and operating environment of the developed system are discussed and analysed comprehensively. The system’s technical specifications are documented in the areas of functionality, security and software assurance. While the scope and complexity of software projects varies greatly, a fixed term one-week analysis gives a solid starting point for projects of all sizes.

After the specification project we can evaluate the amount of work much more realistically and give a proposal that better meets the customer’s requirements. During the specification week, also the systematic efforts are begun to consider and develop cyber security, which gives the security perspective a concrete role in software development and boosts the development endeavour's  entire secure development life cycle to a good start.

Security architect, developer or quality engineer to join your project

elfGROUP’s experienced group of software architects and software developers would be happy to join your development team for new as well as on-going projects. While elfGROUP’s specialist participates the development work as part of the inhouse team, we always strive to bring along the aspect and tools of secure development methods (Secure SDLC methods) for the whole team to use, thereby improving the readiness of the team to produce code that better conforms to software assurance principles.

Obviously best results are achieved when the security aspects are considered from the scratch, requirements definition onwards.

Technologies in software development

Over time, we have produced software and information system projects of different sizes, as well as their sub-assemblies and components, for example ERP integrations. One example of the most extensive projects we have carried out is our secure cloud storage service elfCLOUD that was developed completely inhouse.

We bring to the table solid cyber security and software assurance competences  – the used technologies rarely set about any compulsory or inhibiting constraints. We work fluently with both private and public clouds (Openstack, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), on-premise environments and diverse hybrid architectures. Continuous change is guaranteed and somewhat desirable with enterprise architecture. We must plan and design for change, which makes maintainability of the key architecture level design goals. Systematic work with software assurance is also a competitive factor and enhances the business.

The most familiar programming languages and development environments for us, recently, are e.g. Python, Java, C/C++, Pyramid Framework, Qt, WebSphere, Robot Framework, Meteor and React. We are also familiar with the development and implementation methods of iOS and Android environments and IoT applications.

Implementation of integrations and interfaces (REST API, SOAP, RabbitMQ, MQSeries), designing and optimizing databases and ensuring cyber security in Linux, Windows and BSD environments literally in a full-stack-spirit are pleasant assignments to us.

Ensuring security in software projects

The cyber security aspect is essential for us, also while developing, designing and implementing software engineering and IT infrastructure projects.

Cyber security is a critical factor if the information system handles business-critical data and/or if it’s essential to protect customers’ privacy. On the other hand, in today’s networked world, applications and information networks are ever more complex and interconnected, which also makes ensuring cyber security more demanding. Maintaining the security of software and information systems throughout their lifespan requires special attention – it’s not enough that the solution is secure once it is published, but it requires continuous upkeep to maintain its cyber security status.




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